GM Dissevelt, who the F@1%$ is that guy?


Not realy interesting but just to say that I am a freandly mix kind of a freaked out diver and solid soil adventurer, who loves to participate in active service amongst wildlife.

The bummer is always the lack of funding to do what I like to do most:


As I was born in Uganda and grew up in Kenya, logically I have strong feelings for my African roots. Nevertheless you shall discover that I have not recided to Africa alone.


Brought up with typicall British schooling, topped with some Gymnasium and fragments of HBO Tropical agriculture, my education was finalized with military service and a degree and job as realtor & estate surveyor. It soon became clear to me that in this line of work honesty does not make you rich! ( But I prefer mt pride beyond that kind of wealth)

It does however give me a good understanding, confidence and trust in being so myself. Wich of course implies that traveling is cut down excessively, as grabbers rule and i'm no grabber.


But enough of that, have a look at all the photo's you may find on my website and get thrilled, motivated or whatever. Then go if you can.

But remember: All nature is as how we let it be. The most destructive creature (willing or unwilling) on this planet is sadly us humans!!

Check out my gallery of pictures from all over the world. (For as far as I have been all over the world).




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